Friday, August 24, 2012

Mary at the Dissenting Academy

Mary Wollstonecraft has her portrait hanging in the new Dissenting Academy. It's not a school, college, or seminary, but a pub, and a very nice one too.
Throughout history, Newington Green has been a destination for free-thinking people who have challenged conventional ideas and changed society. The most famous dissenting academy in the land was located here, and it is from this exceptional establishment that our pub takes its name and its desire to challenge conformity. Today's Dissenting Academy celebrates purveyors of non-conformist art and music, and provides an inspirational environment in which to enjoy good beer, tasty food and brilliant company.
It opens today, and so far I've not had a chance to speak with manager Ben King. In time...


  1. I'm so glad to see your blog back in action, and also to have this nice suggestion for when I return to London next week. Thank you for all the lovely new articles you've posted lately.

    1. Thank you, Alexis. Newington Green has more than a patisserie to recommend it! I'd love to hear of your latest adventures, over a pint or a croissant.