Friday, September 30, 2011

July, August, September overview

Another overview, this time of three months. A busy first half of July, followed by a nice long rest in August (in a cool room, with a damp cloth on my forehead), and then picking up the threads as the autumn begins.

We have had news of a Feburary philosophy conference in Sweden, and the Dutch humanists' broadcast is in a few weeks. (Both of these focus on Mary Wollstonecraft's philosophy, not her value to history or literature or education or theology.) There has been the annual pilgrimage of visitors to the only extant building associated with her. There has been another sort of pilgrimage, in the steps of her Norwegian wanderings. Earlier on, we had a brief series on Mary and the USA and Mary and France, in honour of those countries' revolutionary July birthday beginnings.

Attempting close to daily postings was too much: too exhausting for me, and no doubt just as tiring for my readers. So now I am trying for a rhythm of posting every other day, or perhaps thrice a week. When I've cleared the backlog of time-sensitive items, I'd like to develop new weekly series, of book reviews for instance, or more London walks, or, particularly, more statues to consider.

The pageviews in the last month are 1006; those from all time are 11 587. The month's dip is down to taking time off, including from Twitter publicity. Let's see where the next month leads. I already have several items queued up.

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