Friday, May 6, 2011

Speaking truth to power in Chichester Cathedral

Mary Wollstonecraft -- or at any rate A Vindication of the Rights of Woman -- will be heard in the very nave of Chichester Cathedral. Her magnum opus has been chosen by Canon Dr Anthony Cane, the Cathedral Chancellor, as one of four books that changed the world. Her admirers, and critics, are invited to gather this Thursday evening, 12 May, at 6:30. "Admission is free and all are welcome." More info here.
The translators of the King James Bible enabled the gospel to be heard in English (rather than Latin) not just in this country, but throughout the world.  Mary Wollstonecraft started the struggle for the equality of women.  Charles Darwin challenged long-held assumptions about God, human beings, and the nature of life.  Adam Smith set out the laws of market forces that dominate economies to this day.  All this through just four books, each of which had an immense impact when first published, and played a major part in shaping the world we live in today.  This lecture series will explore the stories of these very different books, and the people who produced them.
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