Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Memorial sculpture on Newington Green

Newington Green Action Group is a formidable collection of people. They brought the Green itself back from the dead within the past ten years, and for their latest project they have decided that Mary Wollstonecraft, whom they claim quite rightly as a local heroine, deserves a memorial. Some sort of sculpture is envisaged, and because it is this group envisaging it, I have no doubt that the vision will turn into reality. And lo, the word was made flesh. Or, for a better metaphor, I will finally have a graven image to bow down before, a pilgrimage site for Marian adoration. (Full disclosure: I was invited onto the memorial committee at its inception.)

At the meeting yesterday, we agreed the project should be known as Mary on the Green. The timescale is a couple of years, but I have patience, and faith. We have two new and enthusiastic volunteers, with press and admin skills. Longer serving members have expertise from theatre to architecture, and at least one has a classic golden rolodex. I told the group about social media, and will begin that slowly. We dare to hope that one day the great STEPHEN FRY might give us a nod. What were Richard Price and Joseph Johnson if not consummate social networkers, bringing people together to foster creative new projects?

[Update: the official website is www.maryonthegreen.org .]

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