Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy birthday #mw253

What are you doing to celebrate the 253rd anniversary of the birth of Mary Wollstonecraft? The best idea might get its author a whole guest blog post! Comments are now... open.


  1. The objectification of women harms all women and reduces our potential, defining women's value as only worth our ability to fit a male defined and impossible beauty ideal. Which is why I spent your birthday with other feminists flyering lads mags with this message.

  2. We embraced our literacy and education by updating our feminist site. Happy Birthday Mary Wollstonecraft

  3. I think your idea for a Mary Wollstonecraft movie is wonderful and appeal to the Jane Austen crowd in ways that get them to think about the Enlightenment. I would propose the part of her life when she is with her friends talking politics and then writing both Vindication of the Rights of Men and the Vindication of the Rights of Woman. You can get lots of dialogue ideas reading both, as she really hated the idea that Burke seemed to be punishing the revolutionaries for being angry about their situation, the way eighteenth century society took away women's curiosity by allowing them only dolls and babies rather than books, science, and the arts as well.