Tuesday, May 31, 2011

April & May overview

I promised I'd take a look from time to time at this blog as a whole. 

In the last two months there have been 47 posts -- about five times a week. 

Overall, there have been more than 5000 page views, 1700 in May alone. Stats by country show that the UK and US are usually about neck and neck. Canada comes in third, and then, for good reasons, Turkey, the Netherlands, and Japan. Likewise, Ireland, Denmark and France are easy enough to understand -- Mary Wollstonecraft visited all three. No surprise, either, to see New Zealand popping up, with the mention of the Silver Ship. But Russia? Iran? Estonia? All three of these showed little blips. All visitors are very welcome, but I am so curious to know what drove their curiosity!

The five most popular posts this month (not all of which were written in May) are:
Stoke Newington Literary Festival
Lyndall Gordon on Mary and the Unitarians
Mary's story, for those new to her
Unitarian: Was she or wasn't she?
A first attempt at translation
One thing I love is checking the search terms that drove people here. The obvious are obvious. But also, deliciously, we have:

revolutionary female philosophers
best lady of leisure blog
betjeman statue
mary wollstonecraft movie

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