Saturday, April 30, 2011

The trailer (insert own visuals)

Ok, so this is how it works: the first line in plain type is a voice-over, probably from a mellifluous deep male voice (Mr Sexy Authority). The bit in italics is the clip of the scene that is shown as he reads the description. And anything "in quotation marks" represents what someone in the scene is saying, or more likely instead of hearing them say those words, it serves as a reminder of where in the story we are up to.

She overcame a neglected and uneducated childhood...
        Child Mary trying to find a quiet space to write, and being mocked by her father and elder brother, with doormat mother standing by.
                "Books aren't for girls" find love where she could.
        Peaceful retreat in book-lined study, holding hands with friend, wonder on her face.
        Reading books together in bed, devotedly.

                "And when we grow up we shall live and work together forever"
She followed her dreams ...
        Mary, now adult. Striding around her school busy & purposeful, adult friend visible.

...and encouraged her friends to follow theirs.
        Two young women with letter, candlelight, torment.
                "But if you love him, & want to marry him, of course you must!"

She went to the ends of the earth for those she loved...
        Childbirth scene, mother looking very ill, Mary competent and strong.

...mixed with the most stimulating characters of her day...
        Listening in Newington Green church as Rev Richard Price preaches radicalism; scintillating dinner party; meet & flirt with Imlay & Godwin.
                "The situation in France is going to get much hotter before it calms down"

...and plunged into the heart of the French Revolution.
        Unruly street scene in Paris, but Mary strides through, sensing no danger.

When all who could were fleeing the Terror, she went to Paris...
        Mob rule, head falling from guillotine, blood in gutters, famous landmarks.

...for ambition...         
        Sits in cafe or on balcony and begins to write.

...and for love.
        Mary and Imlay get it together -- a kiss, an embrace, a swirl of four-poster curtains.

Her lover bought jewels from the former courtesans of Versailles...
        Courtesan dressed to the nines.

..but he was not the man she thought him to be...
Imlay bowing over courtesan's hand & long lingering look.
        Shot of Mary heavily pregnant
contrasting him with Godwin in her mind.

...and he left her when she needed him most.
        Standing on smallish ship, holding bundled babe, approaching white cliffs of Dover

Alone with her baby in London, she thought she could not go on...    
        Dark rainy night, jump from bridge into the river.

...but other adventures lay in store for her.
        Rescued by boatmen.

Trying to win back the man who had left her, Mary offered to track down his vanished treasure ship in the wilds of Scandinavia.
        More boats, lots of forest, mountains rising from the sea, small villages.
            "Have you seen or heard anything of this ship?"

Mary discovered new strengths within herself...
        Scene of prayer?

...and on her return to London wrote of all she had seen and learned...
        More scenes of scribbling, toddler playing contently, finished copy of "Voyages"

...earning the admiration of many... 
        Another dinner party, this time all the men listen to her, esp. Godwin.

...and the love of one good man.
        Cut to Godwin saying something passionate, she returns his intensity.
        Wedding bells at St Pancras Church.

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